Welcome to the Los Angeles Rhodes Community

This page has been created to help people exchange information regarding the Sephardic immigrant group from the island of Rhodes who resettled in Los Angeles. This page serves as a forum for this unique community. In addition, it includes a collection of Los Angeles cemetery information which offers a genealogical resource. This web site is produced by the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, founded by Aron Hasson, and established to preserve the unique history of the Jews of Rhodes.

Announcements for 2014: The annual commemoration of the deportation of the Jews of Rhodes was held during July 21 to July 27 in Rhodes. Catalina: most people will be there during the second week of August.

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  1. July 20th, 2015

    maurice bardavid:

    Hi Aaron—I finally get to go back to Rhodes next May for 4 days. I have tacked it on to a river trip in France. Any suggestions for guides,places that are must see, hotels( I have read their are some houses in the old section that have been converted to small hotels),restaurants that are special. I know the name of one guide Issa Habib.thanks for your help,stay well maurice bardavid