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Here we will provide you with information regarding the historical exhibition which is located in the rooms formerly used as the women’s prayer rooms at the “Kahal Shalom” synagogue, which is now the Jewish Museum of Rhodes. In addition, this web site will inform you of other interesting subjects which are unique to the history of the Jews of Rhodes. This web site is produced by the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, founded by Aron Hasson, and established to preserve the unique history of the Jews of Rhodes.

The Museum

Images of the Jewish Museum of Rhodes and a sample of its archives.

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La Juderia

Tour map of the Jewish Quarter and location of Jewish homes & businesses from before the War.

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The Cemetery

One of the oldest and best preserved Jewish cemeteries in Europe.

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Rhodes DNA Project & Family Tree Resources.

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Here are Rhodesli and Ladino audio recordings from our archives

Recent Comments

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  • David Harris: (from the “Who’s Going?” page): My cruise stops at Rhodes in June 2015. It is here that a cousin of my grandfather, Rabbi Marcus Breger, was a Professor of the Talmud in 1934. He arrived in America in 1939 and served as a Chaplain in the U.S. Armed Services. It will be interesting to see where he taught...
  • Abigail: (from the “Family Photos” page of “Museum” page): In response to Alexandre Kapeluto inquiry…Is it possible “Riketa (nee Mizrahi) Capeluto” is actually “Ricoutcha (nee Mizrahi) Capeluto”? Ricoutcha (b. 1884 in Mersin, Turkey) had the following siblings: Allegra, Amelie...
  • Joseph Elkana: (from the “Holocaust” page of “History”): MIRU ALCANA is my relative. I met her before she past away few years ago. Both of her brothers escaped to turkey. 1 of the brothers is my grandpa. my family shared their story how they escaped rhodes and they met miru again in Israel. This is my family.
  • Aaron Alhadeff: (from the “Who’s Going?” page): I will be going to Rhodes at the end of April 2015. My grand father and grand mother were born there.
  • carmen cadranel: (from the “Who’s Going?” page): Hello, we are very excited to go to Rhodes this summer in mid June and look forward to seeing where our family is from. Cadranel, Capeluto, Capuano. We would be interested in a walking tour with others! maalevcrob@aol.com
  • Sara Benveniste: (from the “Who’s Going?” page): Thank you to Aron Hasson for his organization and preservation of this heritage. Thank you for the interesting contributors. I am hoping to put together a family blog with photos and geneology of our Benveniste family. Joseph Benveniste was my father’s father from...


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Extraordinary 1930s video of La Juderia: