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Here we will provide you with information regarding the historical exhibition which is located in the rooms formerly used as the women’s prayer rooms at the “Kahal Shalom” synagogue, which is now the Jewish Museum of Rhodes. In addition, this web site will inform you of other interesting subjects which are unique to the history of the Jews of Rhodes. This web site is produced by the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, founded by Aron Hasson, and established to preserve the unique history of the Jews of Rhodes.

The Museum

Images of the Jewish Museum of Rhodes and a sample of its archives.

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La Juderia

Tour map of the Jewish Quarter and location of Jewish homes & businesses from before the War.

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The Cemetery

One of the oldest and best preserved Jewish cemeteries in Europe.

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  • Dr.Salvatore L.Franco: Great to be back in Rhodes . I am the son of Liv J.Franco and grandson of Rachel Capouya ( the eldest daughter of “El Papoo Yakov”), who married the very respected and honored Haham Yosef Hai Franco, of Blessed Memory .
  • Dr.Salvatore L.Franco: It is always with the greatest of emotions ( happy and at the same time melancholy ) that I come back to visit Rhodes , being a proud “hijo de Rhodeslis ” on both sides (Liv J.Franco and Katie Alhadeff Franco) My grandfather on my maternal side was Behor Yeoshua Alhadeff ( who left in his early...
  • Rebecca Phillips: Re Sonja bile. I can shed some light on Stella Bega and Albert Levi. I think Stella Bega was my grandmothers sister. There were 9 or 10 siblings. The eldest went to the Us and the younger ones to Argentina. Their mother Luisa Bega was also in Argentina and died in the 1960s. There was a son Hugo. curious to find out...
  • maurice bardavid: my sister in law dori bardavid and I have just returned from a greek island cruise-may 8 thru 23. we spent 4 extra days in rhodes,it was our favorite island. the temple and museum were just wonderful.both my parents : diana hazen and isaac bardavid were born in rodos. it was amazing wandering around the beautiful...
  • Robert Franco: My daughter Dena Franco and her husband Jonathan Newburgh will be in Greece for their honeymoon and will be in Rhodes June 11-13.
  • Rebecca: (from Family Tree Resources of “Genealogy” page): I am looking for more information on who I believe are my great grandparents Caden Menashe (b.1888 Rhodes d.1947 Seattle)and Nissim Sidis. I am hoping to go farther back in the family tree – but also want to link them to my grandmother. Any help is greatly...

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