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Here we will provide you with information regarding the historical exhibition which is located in the rooms formerly used as the women’s prayer rooms at the “Kahal Shalom” synagogue, which is now the Jewish Museum of Rhodes. In addition, this web site will inform you of other interesting subjects which are unique to the history of the Jews of Rhodes. This web site is produced by the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, founded by Aron Hasson, and established to preserve the unique history of the Jews of Rhodes.

The Museum

Images of the Jewish Museum of Rhodes and a sample of its archives.

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La Juderia

Tour map of the Jewish Quarter and location of Jewish homes & businesses from before the War.

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The Cemetery

One of the oldest and best preserved Jewish cemeteries in Europe.

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  • Jorge Capuya: (from the “Rabbis” section of “History” page): El haham Yakov Capuya fue mi bisabuelo. Mi abuelo Isaac uno de sus hijos falleció en Argentina en 1978. Tuve la oportunidad de visitar su tumba en Junio de 2015, en el cementerio con mi hija Luciana. Toda mi familia es de de Rodas, mi madre fallecida...
  • Victor Hasson: (from the “Family Tree” section of the “Genealogy” page): My father was Moshe Hasson and his Brother was Abraham Hasson – both emigrated to Rhodesia way way back from Rhodos. Apparently my grandfather was wine maker in Rhodos. They has a sister, my aunt, who I think was Emily but I am not...
  • Davide Giordano Hazan: (from the “Family Tree” section of the “Genealogy” page): Hi, im try to connect my ancestors. My grandpa Giacomo Hazan ( he said that was born in Rhodes), he was born in the 1900 or near this years and death in 1977. He was moving in Italy, Bari. He said that the father Isacco Hazan was an...
  • Marco Gateño: (from the “Tombs of the Rabbis” page): I am the great-grandson of Chacham Yaakov Capouya. Just finished visiting his grave and had a very emotional visit to the Synagogue. I am the grandson of his youngest daughter Guilson, who lived until 102, and learned many times of Rhodes and her father from her. I am...
  • Giovanna Coen: (from the “Who’s Going?” page): Diego and I will be in Rhodes this year as well for the memorial events of the Shoà. Will be there from July 19-26. It would be nice meeting there!
  • Pascal Cziborra: (from the “Family Tree Resources” page): Dear Mrs. Rosy Capelluto: please contact me on behalf of your mother Matilde Hanan. She could have been a prisoner of concentration camp Wilischthal (KZ Flossenbürg) and liberated at Theresienstadt. You will find me probably on facebook or ask the Museum for my email.

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