Family Photos

These photos represent a perspective of typical Jewish families of Rhodes.  In many photos you will notice the distinctive foreground of the graceful stone mosaic floors which are used throughout the Old City of Rhodes.  These stones were used to pave the streets, as well as for flooring of the homes, shops and even the synagogues.

The poses may appear to be more “stiff” than normal.  That was because the camera lens was required to remain open for at least a few seconds—so the photographer would say the equivalent of, “OK, hold still”.

The men wore the “fez” which was the customary Turkish headwear of the time.  The women often wore the traditional head cover, which was called the “tokado”.   A “rozeta” (ornamental pin) was fastened in the front center of the “tokado” and symbolized the woman’s married status.

The family photos also illustrate the fashion transition–in particular it shows the change to European clothing styles.  Older family members tended to dress in the costume of the Turkish traditions, while the younger family members would adopt the more European styles.  The younger women wore shorter dress lengths and some started wearing high heels and new hair styles of curls and waves.

The Amato Family


1917 of the Amato family. Standing (left to right): Matilda, Morris, Yaacov, Edward and Marie. The young boy standing is Aron. Sitting in front wearing the fez is Albert (Behor). The woman sitting is Rahel (Capelouto) holding daughter, Esther. The young girl standing in front is Reina.

The Benveniste family


1917 of the Benveniste family. Left to right: Catherine (Hasson), Sarota (Aroghetti), Moshe and Emily.

The Capelouto Family


1908 of Yacov Capelouto and Estrella Mizrahi. Their children are: Amelie (at left), Nissim (baby sitting) and Rosa (standing).


The Gaon and Fresco Family

Gaon and Fresco family

Circa 1930:  Standing: Dr. David Gaon, Maurice Gaon, Camer Fresco, Norman Fresco, Sam (Silvio) Gaon and Neileh Fresco Gaon.  Sitting: Rebecca Fresco, Zelda Gaon and Moise Fresco.

The Hasson Family


1918 of the Rafael Hasson family (left to right): Jamilia, Mary, Rafael, Solomon, Salvator, Rachel, Victor (infant) and Amelie(Cohen).

The Fis family

Fis family 1919, edited













1919 of the Fis family (left to right):  Isaac Fis, Miriam Fis, Yacov Fis and Bension Fis.

The Hazan family


1922 of the Hazan family. Father sitting is Perahia, mother sitting is Rica Rozanes. The children are: Samuel, Hacco, Sarina, Reina, Rafael and Pepo.

The Huniu and Pilosof Family


1910 photo. Sitting in chairs: Behor Myer Huniu and Sarota Pilosof.  Left to right sitting on floor: Morris Huniu, Catherine Huniu Benghiat and Flora Huniu Levy.  Standing in back, left to right: Gabriel Pilosof, Luna Pilosof and Asher Huniu.

The Israel Family


1913 of the Israel family. Left to right: Nessim, Sarah, Samuel, Isaac and Morris. Children in the front row: John and Bona (Hasson).

The Levy Family

1924 of the Levy family. Left to right: Yehuda, Sarah, Renee (child in front), Miriam Notrica (sitting), Selma (Mizrahi) and Victor.

The Menashe Family


1925 of Reina (Benoun) Menashe with her children. At the far left is Sam. At the left, above is Albert, in front of him is Haim. At the right, above is Rahamin, in front is Jack.

The Tarica Family


1921 of Buena Leah DeLeon and Heskia Tarica.

The Touriel Family


1924 of the Touriel family. Left to right: Esther (Franco), Elie, Jacob (sitting), Reina (Menashe), Esther (Menashe) (sitting), Claire (Alhadeff-Peha) and Vida (Franco).

Angel Family


Photo about 1910 of the Angel family. The older woman in dark dress in center is Bulissa Esther Huniu married to Behor Yeudah Angel. The woman in white dress above Bulissa Huniu is her daughter Behora Victoria Angel and girl on right side of the second row is her daughter Luna Angel. The other children are Morris,Ralph, Joseph, Abner, Raymond and Victor.

The Cohen Family


1921 of the Cohen family. Left to right: Olga, Ruben, Flor Tarica, Rahamim and Bertha. The boy sitting is Sami.

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  1. January 29th, 2018

    renee touriel:

    so nice you have these old pictures…thank you…renee touriel.
    PS….I am the daughter of Eli Touriel and Bertha Cohen Touriel

  2. October 19th, 2017

    tom klein:

    one of the older gravestones in the cemetery is Oro Fis, widow of Moshe Huniu. do you have any other information about her family, such as her relationship to the Fis family pictured, and/or where her husband, Moshe, is buried?

  3. June 29th, 2016

    Ingrid Swenn Oliveira Alhadef:

    Gostaria de saber sobre a família Alhadef. Meu avô se chama Nessim Behor. Obrigada

  4. February 17th, 2016


    Hi my father is a Greek Jew from Rhodes or Crete
    His name is Yitzchak Eliayhu. Wonder if there are any pictures of his family. Please let me know if or where I could get hold of any. Many thanks. Linda Kopelowitz. South Africa, Johannesburg

  5. December 28th, 2015

    Iris Planamento:

    My Grandmother was Victoria Angel born in Rhodes April 11, 1896. Arrived in Ellis Island on Nov. 27, 1911. Could she be the person in the Angel family Behora Victoria? My mother was Victoria Angel’s daughter, Jenny (Penny). Jenny had a cousin Bella Israel and a friend (I believe), Jenny Hazan. Any long lost relatives out there?

  6. August 31st, 2015

    Alexandre Kapeluto:

    In reply to Abigail: It does make sense, as per your comments, I do remember my Great Grandmother also referred to as Ricoutcha, and my Grandfather lived in Mersin and Antalia. See the comments from my Sister Sarah Garnick in Juderia. Most of the names you have mentioned comes to mind as a child I remember my Grand Father and his brother Isaac (my Great Uncle), mentioning the names during family conversation. Is there a way we can get in contact with you. Thanks.

  7. April 10th, 2015


    In response to Alexandre Kapeluto inquiry…Is it possible “Riketa (nee Mizrahi) Capeluto” is actually “Ricoutcha (nee Mizrahi) Capeluto”? Ricoutcha (b. 1884 in Mersin, Turkey) had the following siblings: Allegra, Amelie (married William Rinkowich), Estrella (married Jacob Capelluto), Mazaltov (married Joseph Alhadeff), Serina (married Albert Avraham Levy), Shmuel (married Esther), Sol (married Leon Soriano), and Rachel (b. 1877-1959, married Eliechon Benatar)

  8. February 24th, 2015

    Alexandre Kapeluto:

    I am very curious as per the comments of Alicia Allmendiger, on regard of the Capelluto/Capeluto, which when some of the family moved to Turkey and with the change on the Turkish alphabet the “C” was replaced by the “K” due to C is pronounced J. I remember from My Great Grandmother “Riketa(Nee Mizrahi) Capelouto, Talking of her Sister la Bohora, and the two Sisters married into the Capeluto, which were cousins. Is Estrella Mizrahi the Sister of Riketa Mizrahi Married to Israel Kapeluto.
    I am the Great Grand Son of Israel and Riketa Capelouto, and we are in Canada.

  9. January 26th, 2015

    Alicia Allmendinger:

    Identities of the people in the Angel family photo

    I belong to our Sephardic family on facebook, I found a comment by Molly Angel Roth under the Angel family photo I am coping it as she wrote it from my Uncle Marc (Rabbi Marc Angel:
    this is a family shot of grandmother Angel before she and children left for Seattle, grandfather Angel and uncle Moshe were already in Seattle. Among the people in the picture (whose names I do not know) are neighbors of grandmother Angel. I was told they were of the Capelluto family, and Aunty Bohora was part of that family.
    Front row, left to right; uncle Avner (with cap); uncle Ray (the baby); young boy probably of the Capelluto family; uncle Joseph, at the far right, wearing a fez (who wasn’t admitted to the U.S. because he had a disease (tinyas); he was sent back to Rhodes, eventually married and had 4 children. He died in 1943. his wife and children were deported by the Nazis in 1944 and were murdered at Auschwitz)

    Middle row, left to right; Aunty Victoria; Unknown; grandmother Angel; to her immediate left, standing beside her, is Bohora Rosa Capelluto, who was to become wife of our uncle Moshe; the woman and two children are probably also of Aunty Bohora’s family; on the far right is aunty Luna.

    back row, left to right: Ralph Angel (your grandfather, my uncle); he’s wearing a fez and has his hand on his chest. The couple at the right of that row– I don’t know who they are, but assume they are also of the Capelluto family.

  10. December 25th, 2014


    Thanks John for the names of the “Angel” family photo. That’s a great help for many people interested in putting the puzzle together of their family ancestry regarding that special photo.

  11. December 24th, 2014

    john holcenberg:

    In the Angel picture above the older woman in dark dress in center is Bulissa, Esther Huniu married to Behor Yeudah Angel. The woman in white dress above Bulissa Huniu is her daughter Behora Victoria Angel and girl on rt side of the second row is her daughter Luna Angel. The other children are Morris,Ralph, Joseph, Abner, Raymond and Victor

  12. December 23rd, 2014

    tom klein:

    would you by any chance have any more information about the Fis family? my wife’s great-grandparents were Moshe Hugnu and Oro Fis, but we know very little about them, except their names, and i was wondering if she might have been related to this Fis family whose picture is displayed here?

  13. October 11th, 2014

    Madeline Angel:

    I didn’t realize there were two different ladies named Luna Angel who lived in Seward Park. The one that I knew was my Aunt Luna who married a Mezistrano. Bona Hasson was my grandmother Rosa Alkana Calderon neighbor here in Seattle plus she was a cousin.
    My father was born in Rhodes but came to Seattle when a teenager. His name was Eli Angel and his father wa Joseph Angel and mother Mazatov Israel Angel. His grandfather was the baker on Rhodes last name Israel.

  14. August 28th, 2014

    Nicole Purcell-Phillips:

    Hi. Was hoping to connect with other Hassons to find out if the Hasson in the picture were related to me.

    My maternal grandfather is Wilson (Salvatore) Hasson, born 1921, in Sao Paulo, Brazil and immigrated as a child to Los Angeles. His father was Maurice or Morris Hasson of Rhodes. He married my great-grandmother Isabelle from Brazil (not sure where she was from before that) and they had 5 children: Wilson (Salvatore), Victor, Matilda (Tilly), Cathy and Ralph. My grand-father and 2 of his sisters are alive, not sure about his brother Victor who I think lived in Los Angeles.

    I have a couple of pictures that I am guessing are from the Hasson side. Would love to know more about the Hassons in Rhodes. Why my great-grandfather left to go to Brazil at such a young age. Would love to know more about my great-grandmother Isabelle from Brazil.

    Since I was a little girl, I have asked a million questions about my mother’s side of the family and I get bits and pieces. We are Jewish and I wonder if there is pain and sadness that prevented me from truly knowing where everyone was from.

  15. August 4th, 2014


    Hi Donna. You can reach me directly at:

  16. August 3rd, 2014

    Donna Zaitz (Hasson):

    I am the granddaughter of Catherine Hasson married to Morris Hasson. I would like to get in touch with Aron Hasson who I believe is my 2nd cousin. I will be going to Rhodes in September and want some information on where best to find some of our relatives homes etc. if anyone can help I’d appreciate it so much.
    Thank you. Donna Zaitz

  17. May 27th, 2014


    I VIDA ROTMAN (daughter of David HASSON Salonika)
    Is the family (HASSON) came to Rhodes, from Monistir Yugoslavia

  18. January 5th, 2014

    Gail Carmona Bunge:

    I am the granddaughter of Mary Hasson, pictured in the 1918 photo of the Rafael Hasson family. I grew up in Los Angeles, surrounded by a close Sephardic community. My father’s parents, Carmona, came from Turkey. I was blessed to visit Rhodes in 1972, and I hope to bring my grown children there this year. Thank you for all the wonderful research you have done. Your site is so much more extensive than when I first saw it a few years back. I actually just made baklava today from a recipe handed down. Biscochos tomorrow.

  19. November 28th, 2013

    Stella Leavitt:

    I am from the Amato family. My Great Grand Father was Papo David and my Grand Father was Abraham (Chilibe) “MAY THEY REST IN PEACE ” I am so touched by this and seeing all of the other families that I know in some way we are related. I wish my Mother was here.

    “MAY SHE REST IN PEACE” so that she could tell me who some of these people are. I will send this on to my family in Italy so they may see these photos that may bring back memories.

    I hope that today Chanukah will be a miracle of lights for all of us.

  20. June 14th, 2013

    Bettina Benatar Luetgerath:

    This message is to Renee Benatar who wrote a comment on this website in September 2010.
    My name is Bettina Benatar – I’m the daughter of Alexander Benatar who was a cousin of your father. I met your father a number of times – both in Los Angeles years ago and in Germany in the 1990s.
    It would be wonderful to hear from you and I would be very happy if you would contact me under my email adress:
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  21. August 7th, 2012

    Silvia Hasson Hazan (ex Menasce):

    Thanks once more… each time that I open this site I get emotionnal reading all these mails from people getting together…! Is there anything from my grandmother’s family Alhadeff, like pictures or stories about them?
    I can see that most of the families went to Buenos Aires and few to Brasil…But in Rio we have the Jerusalmi, Ventura, Soriano, Modiano, plenty!
    My grandfather Felix Hasson went to Buenos Aires and worked for Lutz Ferrando (opticians). Later he went to Brazil and opened the company Lutz Ferrando there and was very happy although he died young (60 years old).
    From my father side Hazan, they were from Smyrna. My grandfather Isidoro Hazan was on textile business and banking for some time, but he had some partners that were not very honest…
    If someone knows more about the Alhadeff family I would love to know
    Best for all

  22. February 5th, 2012

    Vicki Koslin:

    Amelia Hasson was the wife of my great uncle, Marco Cohen.

  23. November 21st, 2011

    Darien Tarica Arcus:

    Hi. Buena Leah de Leon and Heskia Tarica are the parents of my grandfather Mardoce Tarica from Rhodesia and then Cape Town. My father was Victor Tarica. If there are any pics of my grandmother’s family Deborah Galante, daughter of Joia Galante, Sister of Haim Galante, I would love to see them.

  24. February 23rd, 2011

    joaquin hazan:

    Edelin: mi nombre es joaquin hazan y soy primo hermano de claudio y nieto de hasday hazan podes encontrarme en facebook seria muy lindo.

  25. February 13th, 2011

    Claudio Hazan:

    Si, eran medio hermanos. Por lo que nosotros somos 1/8 primos? 🙂 Efectivamente mi padre es Marcelo y asi es, mi abuelo Hazdai paso por Paris antes de arraigarse en Buenos Aires.

  26. February 10th, 2011

    karina hazan:

    Edelin por lo que entiendo tu abuelo Hasday era medio hermano de mi abuelo Jako.

  27. February 8th, 2011

    salvador hazan:

    Claudio, yo converse con tu padre Marcelo y el me dijo que efectivamente tu abuelo antes de ir a Argentina estubo en Paris un tiempo. No fue directo de Rhodes a Buenos Aires.

  28. January 29th, 2011

    Claudio Hazan:

    My Hebrew name is Hazdai Hazan. My grandfather, Hazdai, was the only child of Perahia marriage with Rica Chami. When she passed away Perahia married with Rica Rozanes. Hazdai left the house (is not in the family picture) and moved to Argentina – and called himself “Emilio”. When the rest of the family moved there too Hazdai and the half brothers did not keep contact. I only met them (Jako, Raphael, Sarina and the rest) when Hazdai passed away (1976) in the funeral and “shiva”.

    Edelin: I never knew that my grandfather, Hazdai, had a previous family in France. Well, I am checking with my father now (Hazdai’s second son) living in Argentina but if we are family – I surely want to know more about!

  29. December 21st, 2010

    Karina Hazan:

    My grandfather Jako Hazan was born in Rhodes, he was a marine merchant there and emigrated to Argentina at earlier 1900’s first time, after some problems he went back to Rhodes and finally he went back to get established in Buenos Aires. I do not know whether there could be a relationship between Hazda Hazan and Jako Hazan.

  30. December 20th, 2010


    Thank you for this great site! Imagine my surprise at finding pictures of the Hazan family. The father of my mother was called Hazda Hazan, migrated from Rhodos first to France during the first world war, had this daughter with a french woman who quickly died, then he migrated arouned 1920 in Argentina where he founded a second family: I never met him. I would be so happy to enter in relation with people who could help me in finding some tracks of this family.
    Warmful thanks for any help!

  31. December 8th, 2010

    Nina Capelouto:

    Thank you Aron for bringing our history alive with the film and music!

  32. September 30th, 2010

    Renee Benatar:

    Hi, i am Renee Benatar, daughter of the late Eddy and Myrna Benatar, and grandaughter of Avner Benatar and Renee Galante.
    I love your website, and any photographs you may have of my family, i would be so happy to see. Thank you for such a beautiful website.

  33. September 26th, 2010

    Rita Gladys Hazan:

    Me alegra ver la foto de mi familia,de mis raices, gracias.

  34. September 17th, 2010

    Mark Benzion:

    Aron – Thank you so so much for the information you sent. I have spoken to my mother and father and they said they spoke to you and they send you their thanks as well. My mother in fact did not know that her grandmother’s name was Caden Benatar. Thanks again, Mark

  35. August 27th, 2010


    Hi Mark. Yes, the information I have is about your family which I’ll email to you. It indicates that the parents of your grandfather Marco were: Abraham Israel and Caden Benatar. It also indicates that the parents of your grandmother Luna were: Behor Angel and Bulissa.

  36. August 26th, 2010

    Mark Benzion:

    Hi Aron – They did marry in Seattle and raise their children there. Marco was born Mar 20, 1892 and his fathers name was Abraham. Marco came to USA in 1911 and later married Luna Angel. They settled in Seattle in the Seward Park area.

    I do not know the exact date of their first born but his name was Albert and the year sounds right (but maybe his birth certificate showed as Abraham?). Marco was born in 1892 – died in 1982 and I am pretty sure Luna was born in 1901 and she died in 1974.

  37. August 25th, 2010


    Hi Mark. I have some information that may be your family: did they have a child, named Abraham, born in Seattle in 1918? If so, please reply and I’ll forward the information that contains the parents of Marco and Luna.

  38. August 23rd, 2010

    Mark Benzion:

    My grandparents on my mother’s side were from Rhodes. My grandfather was Marco Israel but I can not seem to find much family history on his side (anyone with any info, please reply). My grandmother was Luna Israel (nee Angel) and is pictured in the “Angel” family photo (she is the little girl in the polka dotted dress). This website is fantastic for us “americanized” descendants to understand where our family and culture originated. I hope to visit Rhodes in the near future!

  39. July 4th, 2010

    salvador hazan:

    me encanta encontrar eneste sitio la foto de mi padre, mis abuelos y mis tios. yo soy hijo de jaco hazan de bendita memoria.

  40. February 17th, 2010

    Miryam Levy:

    Only today i saw these beautifull photos, and i enjoyed them. My father is Victor Levy. thanks for this site.

  41. January 31st, 2010

    Miles Rind:

    To Alan Israel — are you sure you aren’t thinking of David Angel? He was a counselor at Ezzy-Bezzy camp in 1974 or thereabouts, when I was there as a boy. Rabbi Marc Angel, who is his brother (as I am told), has pursued his career entirely in New York City, as far as I know.

  42. January 15th, 2010

    Alan (Asher) Israel:

    I love the picture of the Israel Family. It’s funny looking back at this. The community stayed close in America. Just two generations apart I still know my cousins, the Hasson family. Rabbi Marc Angel was one of the counselors at Ezra Besaroth summer camp. David Touriel and I were in AZA together. Benveniste family and Capelouto family were always at camp with us. The Rhodesli traditions are still alive and well in Seattle.

    I hope, one day, to visit Rhodes and say Mincha at the Kahl. Then go find where Grandpa Johnny (Asher) lived.

    I still have the Shofar, that they purchased in Israel, and the Mezzuza that was on his house from Rhodes.

  43. December 1st, 2009

    tom klein:

    this site is great. imagine my surprise at finding pictures of people who are most certainly our relatives – my wife is a Hugnu, and her mother was a (de) Leon!

  44. November 9th, 2009

    Allegra Kline:

    Thank you for maintaining this site. I love seeing the photo of the Huniu Family. My Mother is Catherine, the youngest child, born in 1903, deceased in 1992. She married Elie Benghiat of Smyrna in Los Angeles in 1920. She had three children, Allegra b.1927, Morris b.1930, and Mildred b.1934.

  45. September 13th, 2009

    Moises Hernandez-Amateau:

    Please be advised of the recent publication of the book “Un Dia Más de Vida” – Rodas, Auschvitz, Buenos Aires, la Odisea de David Galante, authored by Martin Hazan. David´s brothers Moshe and an older brother married Capeluto s from Rhodes. Other family names in book: Benveniste, Notrica, etcetera.