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Family Documents Available from our Archives.

Since the founding of the Museum in 1997 hundreds of documents for our archives have been collected relating to the Jewish families of Rhodes. Since then, we have received requests from descendants of those families who are interested in obtaining information relating to their family history. Therefore, this page offers people copies of these various documents in order for them to have some rare artifacts to add to their personal genealogy. Some of these documents give a surprising insight of family history, while other documents are simple in nature yet quite interesting.

Name Date Image
Alhadeff, Abraham 1922 Alhadeff, Abraham
Alhadeff, Behor Rahamin 1922 Alhadeff, Behor Rahamin
Alhadeff, David 1922 Alhadeff, David
Alhadeff, Raphael 1919 Alhadeff, Raphael
Amato, David 1933 Amato, David
Amato, Haim 1931 Amato, Haim
Benatar, Nissim 1941 Benatar, Nissim
Benatar, Nissim Haim 1939 Benatar, Nissim Haim
Benun, Lucia April 22, 1931 Benun, Lucia
Benveniste, Isaac Oct. 29, 1923 Benveniste, Isaac
Capelluto, Salomon 1932 Capelluto, Salomon
Capeluto, Reina Israel Nov. 4, 1941 Capeluto, Reina Israel
Capeluto, Samuel 1922 Capeluto, Samuel
Capouya, Joseph R. 1906 Capouya, Joseph R.
Capuya, Jacob 1922 Capuya, Jacob
Capuya, Rafael 1922 Capuya, Rafael
Codron, Leon 1938 Codron, Leon
Codron, Nissim 1939 Codron, Nissim
Coen, Behor 1922 Coen, Behor
Coen, Rahamin 1912 Coen, Rahamin
Ergas, Giacomo 1921 Ergas, Giacomo
Habib, Saul 1936 Habib, Saul
Hanan, David 1922 Hanan, David
Hanan, Haco 1921 Hanan, Haco
Hasson, Mercado 1919 Hasson, Mercado
Menashe, John 1934 Menashe, John
Piha, Behor 1942 Piha, Behor
Turiel, Isaac 1938 Turiel, Isaac

To obtain copies of these documents please contact the:

Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation

10850 Wilshire Blvd. #750
Los Angeles, California 90024 USA

The Source of the Alhadeff Family Name: This is described in a book about the History of the Alhadeff Family, called “Le Chêne de Rhodes” by Vittorio Alhadeff.  A portion of that book has been translated by Rachel Alhadeff Roditi as follows:

As in all historical research, one must start from a sure and unarguable fact: our family originates from Spain, the country in which it resided for nearly four centuries and which it left in 1492 as a result of the edict of the Catholic kings which condemned all the Jews who refused, to convert to Christianity, to exile.  …

They gave the name Alhadeff to our ancestors.  Why?  Professor Abraham Galante of the University of Constantinople, in his book on the “Jews of Rhodes and Cos,” has established beyond all reasonable doubt, the etymology of our surname, which according to him, comes from the Arabic al-khadif, which means lord, i.e., the Chief.  Let us remember that under the British, the King of Egypt bore the name of Al-khadif.  The mutation to Alhadeff is explained by the fact, pointed out by the erudite Prof. Galante, that Hebrew is a guttural language that also has no vowels.

Alkadif is pronounced Alhadeff in Hebrew.  My father signed in Judeo-Espagnole, in either version.

Some facts must be pointed out.  Firstly, the name Alhadeff is borne exclusively by the near or distant members of our family.  Today all the Alhadeffs, scattered over the world are, in fact, originally from Rhodes and are, furthermore, to a more or less degree, attached to our family by ties of relationship.  We are descended, therefore, ie. all the Alhadeffs, from one common ancestor, one of those Alhadeffs or Alkadifs who disembarked in Rhodes in 1525.

Secondly, we must emphasize the strange and certain fact that there is no Alhadeff in Spain and none anywhere else who does not come from our Island.  This is truly a unique case.  While innumerable members of Sephardi families – Mendes, Cremieux, Lopez, Alvarez, Toledo, etc – scattered over the world and who have an Arab, Italian or French clan name – they do not have in common any family relationship and come from hundred of different places.  The Alhadeffs consist of a well-defined and limited clan; we are all, no matter where we live, in U.S.A., Canada, Australia or South Africa, born in Rhodes or come from there.