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Since the founding of the Museum in 1997 hundreds of documents for our archives have been collected relating to the Jewish families of Rhodes. Since then, we have received requests from descendants of those families who are interested in obtaining information relating to their family history. Therefore, this page offers people copies of these various documents in order for them to have some rare artifacts to add to their personal genealogy. Some of these documents give a surprising insight of family history, while other documents are simple in nature yet quite interesting.

Name Date Image
Alhadeff, Abraham 1922 Alhadeff, Abraham
Alhadeff, Behor Rahamin 1922 Alhadeff, Behor Rahamin
Alhadeff, David 1922 Alhadeff, David
Alhadeff, Raphael 1919 Alhadeff, Raphael
Amato, David 1933 Amato, David
Amato, Haim 1931 Amato, Haim
Benatar, Nissim 1941 Benatar, Nissim
Benatar, Nissim Haim 1939 Benatar, Nissim Haim
Benun, Lucia April 22, 1931 Benun, Lucia
Benveniste, Isaac Oct. 29, 1923 Benveniste, Isaac
Capelluto, Salomon 1932 Capelluto, Salomon
Capeluto, Reina Israel Nov. 4, 1941 Capeluto, Reina Israel
Capeluto, Samuel 1922 Capeluto, Samuel
Capouya, Joseph R. 1906 Capouya, Joseph R.
Capuya, Jacob 1922 Capuya, Jacob
Capuya, Rafael 1922 Capuya, Rafael
Codron, Leon 1938 Codron, Leon
Codron, Nissim 1939 Codron, Nissim
Coen, Behor 1922 Coen, Behor
Coen, Rahamin 1912 Coen, Rahamin
Ergas, Giacomo 1921 Ergas, Giacomo
Habib, Saul 1936 Habib, Saul
Hanan, David 1922 Hanan, David
Hanan, Haco 1921 Hanan, Haco
Hasson, Mercado 1919 Hasson, Mercado
Menashe, John 1934 Menashe, John
Piha, Behor 1942 Piha, Behor
Turiel, Isaac 1938 Turiel, Isaac

To obtain copies of these documents please contact the:

Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation

10850 Wilshire Blvd. #750
Los Angeles, California 90024 USA

The Source of the Alhadeff Family Name: This is described in a book about the History of the Alhadeff Family, called “Le Chêne de Rhodes” by Vittorio Alhadeff.  A portion of that book has been translated by Rachel Alhadeff Roditi as follows:

As in all historical research, one must start from a sure and unarguable fact: our family originates from Spain, the country in which it resided for nearly four centuries and which it left in 1492 as a result of the edict of the Catholic kings which condemned all the Jews who refused, to convert to Christianity, to exile.  …

They gave the name Alhadeff to our ancestors.  Why?  Professor Abraham Galante of the University of Constantinople, in his book on the “Jews of Rhodes and Cos,” has established beyond all reasonable doubt, the etymology of our surname, which according to him, comes from the Arabic al-khadif, which means lord, i.e., the Chief.  Let us remember that under the British, the King of Egypt bore the name of Al-khadif.  The mutation to Alhadeff is explained by the fact, pointed out by the erudite Prof. Galante, that Hebrew is a guttural language that also has no vowels.

Alkadif is pronounced Alhadeff in Hebrew.  My father signed in Judeo-Espagnole, in either version.

Some facts must be pointed out.  Firstly, the name Alhadeff is borne exclusively by the near or distant members of our family.  Today all the Alhadeffs, scattered over the world are, in fact, originally from Rhodes and are, furthermore, to a more or less degree, attached to our family by ties of relationship.  We are descended, therefore, ie. all the Alhadeffs, from one common ancestor, one of those Alhadeffs or Alkadifs who disembarked in Rhodes in 1525.

Secondly, we must emphasize the strange and certain fact that there is no Alhadeff in Spain and none anywhere else who does not come from our Island.  This is truly a unique case.  While innumerable members of Sephardi families – Mendes, Cremieux, Lopez, Alvarez, Toledo, etc – scattered over the world and who have an Arab, Italian or French clan name – they do not have in common any family relationship and come from hundred of different places.  The Alhadeffs consist of a well-defined and limited clan; we are all, no matter where we live, in U.S.A., Canada, Australia or South Africa, born in Rhodes or come from there.

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  1. January 27th, 2017


    Hi Rafael. I will send two family registration pages from the 1920 family registration of the Jewish community of Rhodes.

    They indicate that the parents of Isaac Cordoval were Nissim Cordoval and Rachel Menashe (both born in 1866).

    I am also sending the family registration of Nissim Cordoval and Rachel Menashe indicating the names of their parents (who were probably born during the 1840s) were: Isaac Cordoval and Dolsa Galante, and Jacob Menashe and Estrea Avzaradel.

    Good luck with your family history!

  2. January 23rd, 2017

    Rafael Cordoba:

    (from the “Family Tree Resources” page): Hello! My grandparents were Alberto Córdoba Surmani (from Montevideo, Uruguay) and Sara Caplán Menache (from Buenos Aires, Argentina).
    My grandfather’s parents were Isaac Cordoval and Victoria Surmani and my grandmother’s mother was Lea Menashe, all born in Rhodes. Lea Menashe married a man from Odessa named Isaac Kaplan in Rhodes. Is there any information on them and their ancestors? I would like to go further back on my family tree. Thank you!

  3. December 2nd, 2016

    Janet Amateau:

    Questo messaggio e’ per la Angela Yael Amato di Napoli.

    Che bella sorpresa trovare qui la tua domanda! Sono piuttosto sicura que siamo famiglia, anche se i dettagli sono scarsi. Spero di trovare un modo per conttatarti. Se per caso tu scopri questo messaggio qua.

    Un abbraccio!

  4. July 1st, 2016


    Hi Cristina. I located a family registration from Rhodes which indicates that Jeuda Levi and Bulissa Turiel had a son, Bension and a daughter, Estrea. If this is your family let me know and I will email the document to you. (The document also indicates that Bulissa was born in 1852 and that her parents were: Moshe Turiel and Estrea Cohen.) Also there was another person who added a comment named Victor Levi who may be related to you?

  5. January 11th, 2016

    michael botek:

    hello, michael botek here…. living in New York… grew up in LA. I am the son of Rae Calderon (Los Angeles-Seattle), grandson of Katherine Calderon (Seattle-Rhodes), great grandson of Lea Alkana (Los Angeles – Rhodes), and great great grandson of Caden (Surmani) Alkana (Rhodes). Contact to make connection.

  6. December 12th, 2015

    larry Posner:

    Hi Aron: I note on JewishGen there was a Yahiel Alhadeff tombstone in Rhodes who died in 1873. I gg grandson of Kalomira Alhadeff who was born in 1848, whose father was Yahiel Alhadeff. Looking for a possible connection.

  7. July 13th, 2015

    Davide Giordano Hazan:

    Hi, im try to connect my ancestors. My grandpa Giacomo Hazan ( he said that was born in Rhodes), he was born in the 1900 or near this years and death in 1977. He was moving in Italy, Bari. He said that the father Isacco Hazan was an shipowner and after the first global world he lost everything. i want to know if i have parents in Rhodes or parents around the world or information about the story of my family, every information will be and pleasure. Thanks a lot!

  8. June 28th, 2015

    Pascal Cziborra:

    Dear Mrs. Rosy Capelluto: please contact me on behalf of your mother Matilde Hanan. She could have been a prisoner of concentration camp Wilischthal (KZ Flossenbürg) and liberated at Theresienstadt. You will find me probably on facebook or ask the Museum for my email.

  9. March 5th, 2015

    Iris Planamento:

    My Grandmother, Victoria Angel, was born in 1896 in Rhodes of Behor Isaac Angel and Giamilla Alhadeff. Giamilla was born of Hiram Nissim Alhadeff and Hanulla Berro (Tarica).
    Behor Isaac Angel was born of Yehuda Angel and Signora Alhadeff. Yehuda Angel was born of Moshe Angel and ?. Signora Alhadeff was born of Haim Alhadeff and Fortunee Tarica. A lot of Alhadeffs on both sides. I hope this helps someone and if anyone can fill in any information for me, it would be much appreciated.
    My grandmother, Victoria, emigrated to the U.S. and lived in the Bronx, NYC for most of her life. After emigrating she married Baruch Cohen of Tichloron, Turkey. They had 6 children, one, Jenny, was my mother.

  10. December 30th, 2014

    David Hubert Roditi:

    My name is David Hubert Roditi, son of Binyamin Roditi, Grandson of Davit Roditi, Great-Grandson of Samuel Roditi, Great-Great Grandson of Davit Roditi.

    My family was given the honour by the island of having it as our family name, Roditi. We emigrated from Roditi to Izmir and from there my family went world wide – Argentina, Brazil, South African and the UK. It was my Grandfather, Davit Roditi, that was asked by his Uncle to move to Argentina also but Davit decided to stay in Turkey so that there will always be a representative in Turkey. Davit Roditi eventually moved from Izmir to Istanbul.

    My father, Binyamin Roditi, is currently head of the family. His father was before him, and his father before him and so on. I am the only son of my father.

    I was told that there was another group that took our surname, but they have nothing to do with us.

    Any information on my family will be very much appreciated. Please contact me on

    Thank you and best wishes.

  11. October 1st, 2014

    Patricia Levy:


  12. June 20th, 2014


    Hi Tom. Yes, I located the Notrica family registration which I’ll email to you. It indicates that Azaria Notrica was born in 1839 and his parents were: Eliau Notrica and Regina Alhadeff. It indicates that his wife, Leah was born in 1856 and her parents were: Isaac Tarica and Miriam Franco.

  13. June 11th, 2014

    tom klein:

    thank you very much for the information on the HUGNU and LEON families.

    would you by any chance have any information on the NOTRICA family (parents: Azaria and Leah Rachel, children: Rosina, Maria, etc.)?

  14. June 10th, 2014


    Shalom! My mother’s grandmother was born in Rhodes and I’d like to know more about her and her family. I’d like to get your help in this matter:

    My Mother was Nina Belaisch. She was born in Alexandrie, Egypt (1948, Egypt – 1983, Israel).

    My Mother migrated Israel with her parents and her sister in 1950. My Mother’s father’s mother was Henriette Esther Belaisch (AMATO). She was born in Rhodes, 1897 – migrated Israel in 1964 and died in Israel in 1973.

    My mother’s father’s mother’s father was Bension AMATO from Rhodes. My mother’s father’s mother’s mother was Clara AMATO from Rhodes.

    I hope you’ll be able to tell me more about my Rhodesli Family. Thanks in advance. Doron

  15. May 31st, 2014


    Hi Avi. There is a list of Alhadeffs and many others who moved to Israel, including a Shemtov Alhadeff. Go to the “Newsletters” section, the 2011 issue, page 4.

  16. May 31st, 2014

    Avi Gabai:

    Shalom, my name is Avi Gabai and i leave in Israel. I am looking for the roots of my family. One of my grandfather’s came from Rhodes. His name was Shem-tov Alhadef and he has arrived from Rhodes at 1844 at age 22. i have read in your site that Alhadef is a name with Rhodes roots but I cannot reach that again. Can you point it for me at the web site. I would like to know the names of his parents and his genealogy. (Shem-tov has son named Haim).
    my Email adress is

  17. May 11th, 2014


    to Rachelle Sacks Mistelman:
    Your great grandmother Ester Touriel is my grandfathers sister, Behor Moshe Touriel. The other siblings were Giamila, merdoched, avener and Jacob. Moshe married hanah Hasson and they moved to Seattle washington when their oldest so son Joesph was 5 They had 3 other children, Rose, Emily and Gabriel. Please see my other posts for extended family info. You may contact me.

  18. March 2nd, 2014

    ingrid alhadef:


  19. March 2nd, 2014


    To Bob Rubin Mayo 12.21.11 post. I found my great great grandfather Behor Moshe Turiel. He died in 1886, “Behor of Rafael Shabetai”. Does anyone have any info regarding that person?

    I beleive Ester Touriel is my great aunt. Her brother may have been Moshe Touriel who immegrated to the USA Seattle with his wife Hannah and there son Joseph. Moshe and Hannah had three additional vhildren. Rose Sherman, my mother. Emily Hart and Gabriel Touriel. That generation stayed in the Seattle area. My generation is scatteted all over the USA. Youmay contact me at

  20. February 23rd, 2014


    Morris Touriel left the island of Rhodes when he was 16 shoveling coal on the ship to earn his passage. He eventually returned to Rhodes. He married Hannah. They immigrated to Seattle with his son Joseph. Joseph married Mary and they had four girls Anne Gordon, Marlene Gumbiener of Denver, Elaine Ross of Buffalo Springs Illnois, Sandy Korb of Seattle. Morris and Hannah had 3 other children Rose Sherman, Emily Hart and Gabriel Touriel. Rose married William Sherman and they moved to Tacoma Washington during WWII.They had 3 children. Dr Robert Sherman of Hamstead North Carolina, Mike Sherman of Lake Oswego,Or and Joni Sherman. Mike Sherman married Karen Gross of Tacoma and they have 2 children. Patrick Sherman of San Jose Ca and Tracy Sherman of Seattle. Morris had at least one brother and one sister. His brother eventually settled in South Africa and his sister in Los Angeles. His sister live to be over 100 years old. Morris parents owned a bakery and Hannah’s a distillery. Morris is considered the unsung hero of the family for having moved to the USA.

  21. November 23rd, 2013

    Meyer Israel:

    Aron, Going through the comments here my eye caught Rivka bluestein’s comment who mentioned Solomon Piha and luna Amato as parents of Cadena.
    My great great grandfather Haim Israel married Miriam Piha and I’m almost sure that Miriam’s parents were Solomon and Luna Piha. I’m wondering if that is the same couple Rivka is talking about.
    Rivka: can you confirm this with your neighbor if her grandmother had a sister named Miriam that married Haim israel.
    Aron: can you email Rivka in case she doesn’t see this comment of mine? Thank you so much.

  22. July 6th, 2013


    Good afternoon! I am inquiring about any information you may have for the family Hazan. We are excited to be visiting Rhodes in August and are anxious to learn more about the family’s past. Thank you for putting this website and resource together!

  23. March 5th, 2013


    Hi Len. Marie’s family name was Tarica, not Cohen. You will locate information of her (and my) family on this website on the “Genealogy” page, “Family Trees & Photos” section (including a photo of her mother Behora Rebecca Tarica), born in 1870. Are you related to her and her children: Lello and Eugenie?

  24. March 4th, 2013

    Len P:

    I’m looking for information on Marie (possibly Cohen). She was born and brought up in Rhodes, and was a teacher there in the 1910s and 20s. She later met and married Abramino Misan and they moved to Alexandria. Any information gladly welcome.

  25. January 7th, 2013

    leah aljadeff de petersson:

    shalom my name is leah aljadeff, my family is fruit of the love of Alberto Aljadeff (Abraham and the spanish translation of Alhadeff) and Leah Aroguette, my grand parents, they meet each other in argentina but both of them born in Rodes and came to Argentine during the italian occupation, and we are looking foward to meet some of our roots, we dont have so much information but we will extremely happy to find our roots!! so thank you in advance… Leah

  26. December 20th, 2012


    Thank you so much for taking care of such valuable information which would be lost otherwise. I am looking to fill in gaps in the Hasson-Touriel family. What we know is Rosulah Alhadeff and Gabriel Hasson married and bore at least one daughter, Hanulah(Hannah). Emiliah Touriel(wife unknown) had at least one son, Moshe(Morris). Hannah and Morris married and immigrated to Seattle before WWI with their son Joseph. Who was Emiliah married to? Are there household regesteries that would show and other children? Any information would be helpful.


  27. December 3rd, 2012

    Rochelle Sacks-Mistelman:

    Thank you Bob Rubin Mayo for answering my question. I have new information to my great, great, great grandparents from Rhodes, Sam Hasson and GiaMila Nachmias were married and had a daughter, Sara Hasson who married Victor Touriel. Does anyone have any information on either Sam Hasson or GiaMila Nachmias? Thank you! Rochelle, Los Angeles, CA.

  28. June 8th, 2012

    Tracy Koch:

    I am looking for information on my great grandmother. I think her name was Bulissa Pelosoff. I was told she died in Rhodes when my grandfather was very young. I find conflicting information. She married Abraham Alkana b.1876 d.1939 and had 3 children Eliau, Laura and Eliezer(Louis). Eliezer is my grandfather. Abraham immigrated to the United States, remarried and had 9 more children. I would like to know any information about her family as do not even know her parents name.

    Thank You. Tracy Koch

  29. February 27th, 2012

    Edna Mor:

    Shalom. Looking for info about members of my family that lived in Rhodes and immigrated to South Africa. Abraham Benatar and his wife Buollisa (maiden name Pisante).They had 2 kids as I know:Olga born 1905 and Rafael Benatar. I’ll be very happy to get info or data about the benatar family and their ancestors. thanks so much.
    Edna Israel

  30. January 9th, 2012

    Rivka Bluestein:

    Dear Aron. Thank you for your wonderful contributions.

    I have found new information for my neighbor I’ve been helping, Katherine (nee Bobo) Beberman (mother’s name Reina Hasson) of Atlanta, GA. Reina’s parents were Cadena Piha (b.c1880) and Joseph Hasson. Cadena’s parents were Luna Amato and Solomon Piha. Joseph’s parents were Emily Capilouto and Samuel Hasson.
    My neighbor, now 80, has thoroughly enjoyed the calendar you sent and hopes to learn more of her family.
    Thank you,
    Rivka Bluestein

  31. December 21st, 2011

    Bob Rubin Mayo:

    Message of Rochelle SACKS-MISTELMAN. Hello Rochelle,

    The husband of Ester TOURIEL was Nathan / Ben MIZRAHI. He took his first name and made it his surname. In addition to their children, Saul and Victor, were Ralph and Emily. If interested, I could put you in touch with Vic NATHAN’s children.

  32. October 2nd, 2011

    Angela Yael Amato:

    Sono Angela Yael Amato vorrei sapere se gli Amato di Rodi avevano parenti in Italia a Napoli e dove risiedevano, e se esistono comunita’ a Napoli e a modiano di Vico Equense che avevano stretti legami con Rodi.

  33. September 4th, 2011


    ciao Emanuela,
    mi chiamo Beniamino e anche io sono figlio di un sopravissuto.
    Le uniche risorse sono possibilmente a rodi stesso o in california a cura di hasson aron curatore
    del museo ebraico a rodi. Il mio email e .
    Abito da molto tempo negli USA.
    Se fosse vivo anche mio padre sarebbe 85.
    Secondo le schede trovate a Mauthausen abitava a via scarampia 23 rodi.
    Forse tua madre conosceva le sorelle.
    Si chiamavano Lucia ,caterina,giulia e felicina.Il nome era Sharhon poi Italianizzato SCIARCON.
    Se posso essere di aiuto potri chiamare o almeno scrivere a Aron se ha qualche informazione sulla
    famiglia Perez. salute

  34. August 19th, 2011

    Anne Alhadef:

    I’m trying to find out info on my grandfather Jack Alhadeff who was born in Rodi in 1900. He came to Los Angeles and married my grandmother in the early 20’s. He left the family and went to Mexico (probably Mexico City) late 20’s/early 30’s. Remarried probably early 50’s and had a son. May have had an engineering company and possibly died 1975/76. Does not appear to have been naturalized in U.S. When my uncle who was assigned as a priest in the Seattle area in the late 50’s Morrie Alhadeff contacted him convinced they were related, but how many generations back they didn’t say. Does anyone have any information?

  35. August 11th, 2011

    Janis Zukow:

    My grandparents were born on Rhodes Moshe Chemaria and Mary Levy. I am coming to Rhodes next month and I am interested in my family who lived there. thank -you

  36. August 11th, 2011

    Rosy Capelluto:

    Hi! My mother, Matilde Capelluto (nee Hanan) passed away recently. She was born in Rhodes and was a Holocaust survivor and hardly told us anything about her past. I am trying to find out as much as possible about her family. Her parents were Chanoch and Rosa Hanan, and her siblings were Rahamon and Samuel. I am also trying to get information about my father’s family. My grandfather was Ghedalia Capelluto who was married to Luna Israel. I know that Luna Israel was killed the day she arrived in Auschwiz. If anyone has any information out there, I would dearly like to hear from you. Many thnks.
    This website is really wonderful!!!

  37. August 5th, 2011

    emanuela giamila acerbi:

    Buonasera, sono la figlia di una ebrea di Rodi, Perez Graziella, scampata miracolosamente all’olocausto. Ora vive a Bergamo in Italia ha 85 anni e’ piena di acciacchi e dice che e’ tutta colpa di Aushwitz. Suo padre era Perez Barouk, la mamma Gomel Giamila. Avete qualche documento con tutti i componenti della famiglia? Non sono riuscita a trovare il posto dove risiedevano a Rodi nel quartiere ebraico. Mia madre ha dei ricordi lontani e ogni tanto si dimentica, lei dice che mio nonno e’ morto ad Auschwitz ma io ho visto nel vostro cimitero che lui e’ morto prima. Vi prego aiutatemi a ritrovare le mie origini. Grazie di cuore. Se riesco scansiono le foto di mia madre e ve la invio. Quello che mi ha detto e’ che abitava in Via Deodato Gozzoni, e’ possibile? grazie per quello che riuscirete a trovare, appena posso vengo a Rodi.
    Emanuela Giamila Acerbi

  38. July 23rd, 2011

    Rochelle Sacks-Mistelman:

    Hello. I talked with my mother, Elaine Nathan Sacks today and she said my great grandmother Ester Touriel came from Rhodes and my grandfather’s name was Saul Nathan. Saul had two brothers, Victor and another. Does anyone know anything of this family from Rhodes? Thank you! Todah. Rochelle

  39. May 29th, 2011

    Rita Pizante:

    to Victor Pisante, re January 24th, 2011 comment on “Family Tree Resources” page: Dear Victor. Thank you for your reply and apologies for delay in my response. My parents and grandparents lived in Istanbul. Beyond this, I have not other information. Maybe we are related?

  40. May 29th, 2011

    Douglas Franco:

    Is there some information about Jewish Franco family in Brazil? Thank you!

  41. April 26th, 2011

    Jeanne Helms:

    I am looking for info on Avraam Alhadeff b. in 1880’s and his wife Caden BenVenista born abt 1893 who immigrated to New York about 1912. I believe they may have been married in Rhodes but am not sure. I think Avrams father was Shumel Alhadeff and his mother Mazaltov Unknown. Caden’s parents may have been Linzar BenVenista and her mother Estrella Unknown. I do not know if the parents came with Abraam and Caden or if they stayed in Rhodes. Any info would be of help. I am doing this research for my two grand-daughters who are descendants of Rhodes.

  42. April 17th, 2011

    Barbara Adler:

    This information is wonderful to see. I was at the synogague many years ago and it certainly has flourished! Thanks for the site.

  43. April 12th, 2011

    Henry franco:

    Looking for family tree, history of family of Heschia, Franco and Vida Touriel Franco

  44. March 17th, 2011


    HI I would like to know if possible please the name of the parents or siblings of my grandfather’s grandmother (Rachel Amato mother of Moshe Franco, father of my grandfather, Aaron Franco).
    Many thanks!

  45. February 23rd, 2011


    I am looking for some information on my grandfathers family. He immigrated to Seattle from Rhodes when he was sixteen, and died when my dad was eight,so the family history does not have a lot of detail. I know that his given name was Isaac Shemaria(changed to William when he immigrated) and his mothers name was Victoria. His father died in a fire in their family business(some sort of store), and I am unsure of his first name. Any insight you can give to names etc. would be greatly appreciated so I can pass on family history to my young children. Thank you!

  46. February 23rd, 2011


    Hi Rachelle. I don’t believe there is a discrepancy. The family household registration does not reveal the whereabouts of all family members, it only lists the the people who lived in the family home at a certain point in time (the time of the registration). For example, if a person in the family moved to the U.S. or Africa at the time of the registration, then that person would not be on the family household list. Also, if a person married and lived with their new spouse in another home then the person would be listed in the registration page of the spouse’s family.

  47. February 22nd, 2011

    Rachelle Conway:

    Hi Aron,

    Thank you so very much for your quick response – it would appear that you have located my family but there are 2 discrepancies:

    1) Isaac’s first wife is SARAH and they had:


    2) When Sarah passed away he married Miriam and they had JACOB, SAMUEL, BENJAMIN & HAIM

  48. February 22nd, 2011


    Hi Rachelle. I have a family household registration document which indicates that an Isaac Alhadeff (born in 1864) was married to a Miriam Shemaria (born in 1878). The children living in the family home included Hasdai, Aaron, Joseph, Jacob, Samuel, Benjamin and Haim. The parents of Isaac were Joseph Alhadeff and Mazaltov Hasson. The parents of Miriam were Jacob Shemaria and Dolsa Hasson. If this is your family let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the document.

  49. February 21st, 2011

    Rachelle Conway:

    I am trying to locate information on my family. My grandfather was Isaac Alhadeff and married to Sarah. He remarried to Miriam when Sarah died. The children included: Hasdai, Aaron, Joseph, Gracia and Jacob?

  50. January 24th, 2011

    Victor Pisante:

    “Family Tree Resources” page: Hi Rita. Pisante/Pizante/Pizanti are all the same name. My family comes from Rhodes. My immediate family did not emigrate. My grand parents moved to Athens Greece in the 1920s while Rhodes was under the Italians. We were given Italian passports (we still hold them today) and in the Italian language there is no single ‘z’ so the name was spelled Pisante. The rest of my Pizante family emigrated to the US and Africa in the early 1900s. One branch moved to Istanbul when Rhodes was still under the Ottoman empire but later moved to Israel and the US. My 2nd great grandfather was Behor Heskiah Pizante, born in Rhodes. Is your family also from Rhodes? Do you have any information on your Pizante ancestors? I am trying to find more relatives but so far I haven’t found any connection.