Foods of the Rhodeslis

The cuisine of the Jews of Rhodes naturally included those foods that were native to the region around the island. Living among the Greeks and Turks therefore included foods such as yaprakes (dolmathes), kiftes, baklava and sootlach.

What is interesting is that the large number of Sephardic refugees from Spain also brought with them many of the foods from Spain. A number of these Spanish “comidas” (foods) included: biscochus, pastelicus, pandericas and mazipan.

Below is a ceramic plate that is decorated with the popular design featuring the deer, which is the symbol of Rhodes.


Sephardic traditions have been passed on with the interaction of parents and grandparents to the younger generations. In this photo “Papoo” Ted is teaching his grandchildren, Rachelle and Daniel how to form burekas.


January 10, 2010:  “Folares” freshly made for Purim by the Howard Franco family in New York: