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Seattle Sephardic Brotherhood Membership Form
Please download and fill out the membership form.
You don't need to put in the price - we can fill that in and let you know what it is.

Seattle Sephardic Brotherhood
The Seattle Sephardic Brotherhood was established in 1935.  The objective then, just as now, is to provide cemetery and burial services and perpetual care for members. Over the years, services have been extended to non-members who meet the religious requirement (Jewish Orthodox) and have paid non-member burial fees (please see fee schedule).

Today, our primary focus remains unchanged. Yet, individually and as a group, we are also committed to enhancing the quality of life for Sephardic Jews throughout the community.

Alleviate the distress and suffering of the impoverished
Assist local charitable organizations within the Sephardic community
Sponsor youth organizations and facilitate youth activities as well as a scholarship program
Coordinate and encourage the humanitarian, cultural, social and educational activities throughout the Jewish community

How do I become a member of the Brotherhood?
Candidates for membership must be at least 18 years old, Jewish Orthodox, and members of a qualifying Sephardic synagogue for two years. The first year's dues must accompany the application for must the initiation fee for individuals who are 35 years and older (please see fee schedule). The candidate must be approved by the executive board and abide by the bylaws of the Sephardic Brotherhood.

Once accepted, the candidate, their Jewish spouse, Jewish widow* and Jewish minor children up to the age of 22 are entitled to full rights and benefits of the Brotherhood as long as the payment of yearly dues is current.

Can my family members also join?
Jewish offspring of 18 years or older and Jewish spouses are eligible for membership candidacy if they meet the same requirements and Sephardic synagogue affiliation for at least two years.

What are the Benefits of being a member?
1. A reducded price for the burial. See Fee schedule for current prices.
2. You are allowed to reserve a double plot for a fee. See Fee schedule for current prices.

* The widow of a lifetime member has no dues obligations.