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Fee Schedule
as of January 16, 2017
(Prices are subject to change without notice.)

Member Burials
$6,200 single plot  $12,800 double plot*

Our cemetery requires that one of our Sephardic Clergy Officiate all burials.
Clergy fees are applicable ONLY to non-CEB and non-SBH members, EVEN IF they are a Brotherhood member.
This fee is currently $750/burial (Rabbi = $500, Cantor = $250). You do not have to have a Cantor.

Payment: Cash or check.  Visa & Mastercharge usage will be assessed an additional 3% fee. See below for details of what is included.

Click here to view the Dues chart.

New Member Initiation
(One time only cost for Members)
Age 18-34No initiation Fee
Age 35-45$90 for each year over 34
Age 46-55$100 for each year over 34
Age 56-65$110 for each year over 34
Age 66-70$120 for each year over 34
Age 71 +$8,000

Yearly Dues
Member    $85.00**

Lifetime Memberships are available by a single payment for dues as follows:
Age 20-30$1,050
Age 31-40$1,000
Age 41-50$950
Age 51-60$900
Age 61-70$850
Age 71-80**$  85/per year***

* Prices includes a $400 double plot reservation fee.
** Members over the age of 80 will no longer have dues assessed each year.
*** Per year until 80 years old.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Burials include the following:
Washing/shrouding and watching the body, use of the chapel, casket, hearse, opening and closing of the grave, and perpetual care. Not included: motorcycle escort, limousine if desired and tombstone. (Note: Members can apply after two years of synagogue membership). Quiring Monument Company is the only monument company authorized to provide and erect headstones in the cemetery.

Pre-payment of burial fees and double plot reservations are available at any time for lifetime members and their spouses only.