Louise Hasson

Louise Hasson

Obituary in Seattle Times

Louise Hasson died peacefully surrounded by her loving family on Thursday evening, April 29, 2010, at the age of 88.
Born on July 22, 1921 in Seattle, Washington, Louise was the only daughter of 4 children to Solomon and Esther Amira. Louise was preceded in death by her 2 older brothers Leo and Jack Amira. She is survived by her younger brother Victor C. Amira.
Louise married the love of her life, Ralph B.Hasson on February 13, 1944, for 43 wonderful years. Together they had 5 beautiful daugh ters, Sandra (Steve) Jaffe, Susan Hasson, Linda (Steve) Condiotty, Roslyn (Larry) Piha and Renee (Gary) Levy. Louise was a loving and caring grandmother to 8 grand children, and 3 great-grandchildren, Max Jaffe, Alivia Piha, and Sophie Katz, all of whom she loved dearly. Louise was a wonderful daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. As matriarch of her family, she was a pillar of strength, and set wonderful examples and goals for her 5 daughters to follow in their individual successful lives. She will be missed greatly by her family, with fond memories of their trips together, and family gatherings for all occasions.

Funeral was held on Sunday, May 2, 2010, at 11:00 AM.

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Eulogy from daughter Renee

Welcome—I’m Renee Levy
I was selected by my sisters, Sandra Jaffe, Susan Hasson, Linda Condiotty, and Roslyn Piha, to speak today about our mother, Louise Hasson. As the youngest, I always, got the hand me down clothes, and got stuck doing alot of the chores--- like always having to clean the pool.... However--this time I am truly honored to represent my sisters.

Mom went out of this world surrounded by all her loving family—the last thing she did was lift her head--open her eyes—look around at all of us—and then passed in the most beautiful and peaceful way we could ever dream of. ---As beautifully as she lived her life--

You read in the papers everyday, about someone “famous” who is having an impact on the world….it could be a movie star, an athlete or a politician in the headlines. But as individuals, we sometimes think we don’t have much impact on the world we live in…Today as I look around this filled room, it’s very clear to me, that the person we knew as “Mom” touched many in this community. We are overwhelmed by all of the calls, and emails of love and kindness, we have received by so many of you….thank you all for sharing your love and memories of our Mother.

Growing up in the Hasson family, with 4 sisters, you can imagine it was sometimes chaotic….just imagine 5 girls and one bathroom…..even though it was a “very large” one… No matter how busy mom was while raising a family and working, with Dad at their grocery store, and, at the Boeing company, she still made the time to prepare family Shabbat Dinners. All of us have very fond memories of this special time together as a family,….even if it meant that we missed a few high school football games…

One of the things about “MOM” that we all clearly agree on is, that she was very un-demanding…all she ever asked, was for us to be happy and live our lives doing whatever made us happy, ….However, if you wanted to pick her up, and take a “Sunday Drive”, even if it was on a Mon, or Tue, or Wed…she would greatly appreciate it….and if you took her to Alki that would be even better, and if you could find the time to go to Alki and maybe Spuds, that would be even better yet…or if not, the Spaghetti Factory would be nice, most times she would say, but “mi alma”-- I don’t want to be a bother to you kids.

Once when she was visiting Gary and I in California, we could not find her after dinner….we finally found her in the guest room, sitting on a tiny child’s chair, about a foot from a very small TV, with the sound turned way down…when we asked what she was doing….her reply was, she wanted to be sure she was not bothering us and the children….

Over the last 5 weeks, she kept apologizing to us for being sick…she felt bad that all of us were spending so much time at her bedside. She just did not want to be an imposition to anyone… Even in her last days—she was so kind and polite to all of us and the nurses and staff—always thanking everyone and calling them “honey” or “sweetie”.

Exactly 6 years ago, Mom moved to the Summit….this was a wonderful new chapter in her life, and she embraced the lifestyle there 100%...Every time we would visit, she always, told us how happy she was living there. Even though she had many wonderful friends at the Summit, she was always thrilled when any of us came to visit and was even happier if we wanted to come visit the next day, or the next…or the next---she loved showing us off to all her friends, Her family was her life…

One of her best features was her beautiful smile….and it was never larger then when she would see one of her grandchildren, or one of her great-grandchildren…They were truly her lifes treasures..

Mom told me recently, that when she was young, she really did not think she would ever get married…..She could not believe that Dad actually picked her and asked her to marry him…..from two people who had such a deep love for eachother—we are now an amazing wonderful family of 28 and growing.

So, with very heavy hearts, we say goodbye to you, Mom, with all our love from your 5 daughters, 4 Sons, 14 Grandchildren, and 3 Great-Grandchildren. Be sure and give Dad a big kiss from all of us. We love and miss you both a lot,

Thanks to all of you for coming to celebrate Moms wonderful life…

I would now like to invite her grandchildren, Craig Jaffe, Marissa Jaffe Alkhazov, Sara Condiotty Katz, Rob Condiotty, Jeff and Dan Piha, Bryan and Jennifer Levy to share a few words

Eulogy from grand-daughter Jennifer


As the matriarch of our family you have taught me to be strong, compassionate and true to who I am. You have raised five amazing daughters all strong in their own way. Who have given you eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Our family has always been a high priority to you and we are all very close because of that. You bring us together and make us strive for the best we can be. I will try and carry on your traditions and will continue to learn your recipes. I know you will be watching and will let me know when things are done right too. Just like when you told me I made my boreka twists as good as or better than you. Or when we made biscochios at the Summit and you corrected everyone else’s rings but mine. I know you’ve told me a few times in the past two years that you are ready to be with grandpa, and I know he will be waiting for you with a smile and open arms. You two loved each other more than anything and for that you taught me to love unconditionally. I know you both will check in on use and we promise to make you both proud. I am sad you won’t be there to see Dan, Bryan and I walk down the aisle or for your family to grow with more great-grandchildren, but we all know you’ll be there looking down with a smile. Lastly, I want to tell you that we promise to carry on your generous heart, strong will, compassion for others and your family will continue to flourish and be there for one another. I love you and will miss you but know that I can always count on you and grandpa to be there for me.

All my love,