Rhodesli Jewish Calendar

We have published our complimentary new calendar. It is for the year 2017/2018 and includes amusing Judeo-Spanish (“Ladino”) folk sayings. Anyone interested in this calendar may contact: info@rhodesjewishmuseum.org

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  1. September 18th, 2017


    Hi Michael. I just got the calendars from the printer and will send your free copy to your Michigan address. Anyada Buena!

  2. September 17th, 2017

    Michael Hinshaw:

    Hello, If you have published the 2017-2018 Rhodesli Jewish Calendar, I would deeply appreciate a copy. My address is: (address removed by aron to ensure privacy) Inkster, Michigan. Thank you

  3. June 9th, 2015


    Hi Grace. Thanks for providing your street address in Oakland. I’ll send the “Rhodesli Jewish Calendar” along with the 2015 “Ke Haber?” newsletter.

  4. June 8th, 2015

    Grace Benveniste:

    Hello. I would love a copy of the calendar. My great grandparents were Rahamin Huniu and Leah Huniu, from Rhodes. My grandparents were Diamontie and Albert Arditty. They came to Los Angeles. Thank you very much. Grace Benveniste (Oakland, California)

  5. December 4th, 2014


    Thanks Rita. We are always interested in collecting more old photos and items to be used for future calendars, and for display in the museum. People sharing these items like you is what makes the museum so personal and special.

  6. December 3rd, 2014

    Rita Franco:

    Aron. We have enjoyed our yearly calendar for many years now & was wondering if you would be interested or in need of new pictures of Rodes prior to 1928 when my father Joseph David Franco left Rhodes for Italy & soon after for the Belgian Congo?

    Besides being from the Franco family, we are closely related to Amatos, Alhadeff’s, Piha’s & even you!

    I also have items that my grandmother made- like a shawl with gold embroidered edges.
    Let me know & thanks for all you have done to create & maintain the Jewish Museum.

  7. April 16th, 2014


    To Nataxja: Yes, the “Rhodesli Jewish Calendar” is available, send an email to info@rhodesjewishmuseum.org informing us of your street address.

  8. April 16th, 2014


    Are the Rhodes calendars still available? I just discovered your website. My husband’s father’s family was from Rhodes. We went with our children to Rhodes with the cruise ship one year and showed them the synagogue, their grandfather’s pharmacy, the house in the new city and the house in the old city. His last name is Menasce. Thank you for keeping the news of Rhodes alive for everyone scattered around the world.

  9. March 4th, 2014


    Hi Joseph. My email address is: info@rhodesjewishmuseum.org

  10. March 4th, 2014

    Cohen Joseph:

    Dear Aron: You sent me 2 years ago 2 pages of נומירו מאטריקולריו concerning my mother and father. I need some explanation about those document. Can you please send me your email and I will send you the document?

    Best Reards,

  11. February 4th, 2014


    in reply to Albert Moussafir: we are pleased to send you the “Rhodesli Jewish Calendar” at your street address indicated.

  12. February 3rd, 2014

    Albert Moussafir:

    I would like to order a calendar as my parents both came from Rhodes and we still have links with Rhodes as my father and my uncle managed to keep the house in their names, the house in the old city,has been in our family for quite a few generations. Thanks.

    Albert Moussafir
    38…(address deleted by editor for privacy) London U.K.

  13. February 9th, 2013

    Tommy Sibley (grandson of Isaac Surmani):

    I have been doing research of my family history recently. My family who lived on Rhodes were Rachel Arogeti, Samuel and Rachel Surmani, Jacob and Bulica Pizanti, and many more. I would love to obtain a Rhodesli calendar.

  14. February 6th, 2013

    Elly Bollegraaf:

    Hello staff. In May 2008, my husband and I were on a tour, and one of the ships stops was Rhodes. Although the tour guide, to my surprise, did not even refer to or take us to the Kahal Synagogue, I took myself there immediately after the tour was over. What a wonderful surpise and delight greeted me. I spent several hours reading all I could, and photographing the fantastic exhibit items, the various rooms,the wall plagues and shul interior. I felt very enriched and privileged to be there.It really filled in the missing insight that I did not receive on my earlier organized official tour which had focussed on the hundreds upon hundreds of Greek gods, and not on the humanity that coccupied Greece.
    I am a child Holocaust survivor originating from The Netherlands, and I live in Canada, and am a long time member of our Shoah Committee.

    Please send me your 2012-2013 calendar. Thank you. Elly Bollegraaf

  15. November 7th, 2012

    gayle skolky:

    I went on a Greek cruise to island of Rhodes. I hired a private tour guide to take me to the Jewish quarters where I visited Kahal Shalom Synagogue. I was fascinated to learn the history of the Jewish people on Rhodes. Then we visited the Jewish cemetery. It is very important for Jewish all over the world to stay connected. I bought a lovely Jewish star with an opal chumsa and a book called A guidebook to the Jewish Quarter of Rhodes. I was not there on a Friday so I missed going to a Shabbat service.

  16. July 25th, 2012

    Victor Rousso:

    My father was born in Rhodes and immigrated to USA in 1905.

  17. May 3rd, 2012

    Myriam Cuneo Nathan:

    Dear friends, I am in Uruguay: I would like to have all the publications you can send me, I am trying to teach Ladino lenguage to a population of adults that have forgotten the way of speaking from the grandparents, but get very emotional when I make them closer a little bit of it. I am most interested to know more about our past, from where in Spain were they living? is it possible my father`s family came from Italy? because of the Counio, Kounyo, Counyo, Cuneo last name? Thank you all for the good job, congratulations.

  18. January 5th, 2012

    Maurice Sourmany:

    Thanks so very much for the calendar and all that you do. I was at the Kahal Shalom temple this past July for a Bat Mitzvah. My aunt Flora (Capeluto) Danon’s great granddaughter had her Bat Mitzvah there. Their were over 168 “cousins” from all over the world came to Rhodes for the Bat Mitzvah and for the family get together. The Temple and museum look great. I noticed my aunt Flora’s wedding dress in the museum. Please keep up the wonderful work that you do.
    Maurice and Mary sourmany

  19. December 17th, 2011

    liba breger feuerstein:

    dear aron,

    sitting here in reut, israel w/david feuerstein and family (our son i recall time spent in rhodes. the lecture in memory my father, z”l, Dr Marcus Breger, rabbi/chaplain, still awaits a copy of what i wrote for you.
    flying over the island of the roses always exhilarates and raises the pulse of a heart rarely w/o thoughts of my native island.
    best wishes, as always, to you and to your exceptional work for and on Rodos.


  20. December 16th, 2011

    Louise Levi Goldwyn:

    Rhodes is a treasure on an island. In 2004 I was particularly excited when our cruise ship landed there since I had friends dating back to 1935 whose mother hailed from Rhodes prior to WWII. The family name was Benatar and the mother (maiden name Olga Benatar) always spoke of Rhodes. The museum was a delightful surprise and I found the name Benatar noted on a board and also a family photo of a Benatar family. My husband and I spent many hours there and listened to a great lecture by an elderly gentleman. I took many photos of the beautiful interior of the Kahal Shalom Synagogue, and noticed the wonderful floor. Also learned that the courtyard just outside the main door had a wonderful design in large pebbles, placed upright, rather than lying flat and this enabled the rainwater to run off the courtyard in the rivulets formed by these upright placed stones. Clever.
    I would appreciate a calendar so that I can send it to my friend in South Africa. I myself live in San Diego, California – an ex South African. You have done a wonderful job building this fine museum to the past.

  21. December 16th, 2011


    Hi Fiona. I’ll send them to your Pretoria address.

  22. December 16th, 2011

    Fiona Capstick:

    My husband was at school in Salisbury, Rhodesia, in the 1940s with Isaac Merdjan,whose parents were from Rhodes.Isaac, or Zack, as we all knew him, died this year in Cape Town. His widow, April still lives in what is now Harare, Zimbabwe.

    It would mean a great deal to me if we could receive two calendars, one for us and one for April. For many reasons,I have taken an intense interest in Sephardic history.

    All the very best to you and may the light of Chanukah shine brightly.

    Kind regards,
    Fiona Capstick; 212… ; Waterkloof,Pretoria, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

  23. December 13th, 2011


    Hi Edith. I’ll be happy to send the complimentary calendar to your address in Atlanta along with our 2011 newsletter. FYI: my great-grandmother was also a Benveniste!

  24. December 12th, 2011

    Edith Clark:

    I would love a copy of the “Rhodesli Jewish Calendar”. Both my grandparents were Benveniste and from Rhodes. I hope to visit there soon.
    317… Atlanta, GA. 303… Thank you!

  25. November 30th, 2011

    Viviane Behar:

    Keridos. Recivi el anio pasado este ermoso calender y me plaseria muncho de recivir se posivel 2 para mi ijo ke tambien le gusto muncho. My adreso es: Rua… Rio de Janeiro- Brasil

  26. November 13th, 2011


    Hi Ramon & Aliza. I’ll be happy to send you the complimentary “Rhodesli Jewish Calendar”.

  27. November 12th, 2011


    Hi! It will be nice if I receive a copy of the new Rhodesli Jewish Calendar. If this is possible please send a copy to the following address:
    Ramon Mendel; M….29; 11851 Athens, Greece.
    Thank you very much in advance. Ramon.

  28. November 8th, 2011

    arbib berro aliza:

    pleas send me 2 calender. i am from the berro family from rhodes and i am married to the son of matilda shahon also from rhodes. Address: ….rabi yehuda hanasi street. haifa, israel ….

  29. April 17th, 2011

    romano raphael:

    please send me 2 copies of the jewish calender. one for me and one for my uncle Jacob romano whose brother Maurice Romano studied in the rabbinical college in rhodes between 1937-39.
    my addres is 7… israel. looking forward for the calenders . hag pessach shamech
    yours romano raphael

  30. March 31st, 2011


    Dear Sirs.

    We are a no profit Association who’s task is to take care of the jewish victims of the racial laws.
    we are lookinf for any possible documentations, writings and whatelse, regarding the forced closing
    o the firm “SALOMON ALHADEFF AND SONS” in Rhodes.
    We hope you can help us in giving any information which can be useful for us.
    Our email address: anppiacdm@gmail.com
    We thank you in advance for your precious help.
    Best regards
    Elisabetta Corradini

  31. February 23rd, 2011

    mathilde sidis:

    Je vis à Bruxelles depuis indépendance du Congo Belge.Mes grands parents, parents, oncles sont tous originaires de l’ile de Rhode, mon oncle Michel a été étudiant à l’école rabbinique de Rhodes, il vit en Israël et a 88 ans. son pèse, mon grand père Daniel est enterré à Rhodes, il y a quelques années je suis allée sur sa tombe tout comme j’ai eu la joie d’aller à la synagogue. C’était très important pour moi de fouler le sol de mes aïeux.
    Actuellement je voudrais retracer l’histoire des SIDIS, si nous venons certainement de l’Espagne, j’aimerais avoir plus de renseignements, d’où venons nous exactement, d’ou vient notre nom SIDIS ??? pleines de questions qui sont toujorus sans réponse.

    Pouvez-vous m’indiquer les sites sur lesquels je pourrais consulter.Merçi d’avance

    est ce encore possible actuellement d’obtenir, moyennant paiement, 4 calendriers, pour mes petites filles

  32. January 14th, 2011

    Rabbi Robert Rome:

    I remember well the flight Rabbi Patz describes. There we were, about 30 American Rabbis approaching landing in Israel when our El Al plane started flying over Rhodes. We could see from above the Juderia. I pointed out that my grandmother (Allegra Shemaria Rome) grew up there! The prestigious Rabbis aboard all followed carefully for the next minute or so as I described my travels to Rhodes and what we were flying over. Rabbi Patz, thank you for reviving such good memories!

    Rabbi Robert Rome

    P.S. Most flights traveling from the U.S. and Canada still fly over Rhodes. One should follow the flight on the video screen on the plane. When landing in Israel during daylight, Rhodes is about one hour away from landing and can be often seen clearly from up above.

  33. January 14th, 2011

    Rabbi Norman Patz:

    Dear Rhodes Museum people: After seeing a copy of your calendar when I was serving the Reform congregation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I resolved that I would contact you to obtain one. (The member of the congregation who showed it to me is Moises Hernandez.) My address is …. Although I am American-born of American-born parents whose parents came from Eastern Europe, I have a Rhodes-connected memory to share with you: Many years ago, the EL Al plane bringing us home from a UJA Rabbinic Cabinet mission flew over Rhodes. Seated next to me was Rabbi Robert Rome. As the plane flew low over the harbor, he said “see that house there; that was my grandparents’! Rabbi Norman Patz

  34. December 14th, 2010

    Catherine Golliher:

    My family name in Rhodes was Cadranel. My grandparents and their friends lived there for many years, before moving to the United States.

    In 2008, I spent a few hours on Rhodes and drove past what I believe is the museum. It wasn’t open at the time because it was too early in the morning.

    Many thanks for your kindness. Sincerely, Catherine Golliher

  35. November 13th, 2010


    Yes, I’ll send them. It is free, so any donation is appreciated.

  36. November 12th, 2010

    abe j. goldsmith:

    we visited your significant museum several weeks ago. i just learned on the website about your calendar. can i get 7 copies? we have six children and ourselves. i would be pleased to pay for them. address: … lake forest, illinois … USA

  37. October 9th, 2010


    Hi Miriam. Yes, I’ll send them to you today. It is free. Best regards.

  38. October 8th, 2010


    How much is the “Rhodesli Jewish Calendar” and how can I get one? My address is (…) Atlanta, GA. 30338. Can you please send me 2 calendars? Thank you.