The Congregation Ezra Bessaroth in Seattle celebrated their 100th Anniversary on August 22, 2010.

Background:  In 1909 the first steps of a formal organization were taken.  Moved by the leadership of Haim DeLeon the original group of Rhodeslis formed during Succot 1909, and was called the KOUPA OZER DALIM ANSHE RHODES (the fund for the aid of the poor, people of Rhodes).  Solomon Alhadeff was president, Nessim Alhadeff was treasurer and Harry Franco was secretary.  Funds were raised from within the group and were sent to the needy Jewish community of Rhodes.

As part of its celebration, the congregation unveiled in their courtyard a replica of the Holocaust Memorial located in the Square of the Martyred Jews on the island of Rhodes.

Photos below of the event include the replica of the Holocaust memorial, the band as well as: Hazan Isaac Azose, Rabbi Greenberg, special guest speaker: Rabbi Marc Angel

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