Cape Town

November 3, 2010: An interesting “Book Launch” of La Djuderia de Rhodes by Isaac Habib was held at the Holocaust Center in Cape Town.   The event included welcome introduction  and then a presentation by Isaac Habib along with the reading of two poems and his personal signing of the book.  The photos below are from the event.  This information was kindly provided by Jo Mallel. 













March 22, 2009:  Presentation by Aron Hasson in the social hall of the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation in Cape Town.   This “Ke Haber?” event offered an update on the recent historical discoveries relating to the Jews of Rhodes as well as displaying photos of the new rooms being restored by Bella Angel Restis, President of the Jewish Community of Rhodes.

Photos taken the evening of the event:

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  1. July 22nd, 2011

    Susan E. Hasson:

    Hello from Seattle. I am the daughter of Rafaelle B. Hasson, son of Sarota (Benveniste) and Bohor Hasson. My father was born in Rhodes in 1920, and immigrated to Portland, Oregon, USA, in 1940. My parents, Ralph & Louise travelled to Cape Town in 1975, visiting Albert Hasson from Lumbumbashi. I have letters written by Albert to my father from 1975. I believe Albert is my father’s Uncle. My father Ralph passed away in 1987. If someone can send me his address, phone number, and email for Albert or for the names of his children, I would so greatful. The last address I have for him was Lumbubashi.

    I am in the process of writing a book about my father. I am considering making a trip to South Africa to meet the community and any of his friends from Rhodes who are still living. I know he visited Haim & Sarah Menasche in 1975, and Fortunee and her husband came to visit our family in Seattle, Washington in 1964.

    I realize much time has passed, however, now that I am writing a book, all my research uncovers many wonderful memories of stories my father told us of the wonderful life in Rhodes he so cherished. I hope someone from the community can answer my letter. My email address is:

    I have had the pleasure to meet Albert Almelch from Brussels and his wife Sheila in 1998, during my first visit to Brussels. My father and Albert were good friends growing up in Rhodes.

    Any contact would be greatly appreciated……Toda mi affection. Susan E. Hasson

  2. February 25th, 2011

    Ricca Hasson:

    I read of your accomplishments with much pride and pointed out to my niece who showed me this website.