Pasteles dough

By: Rebecca Levy

2 c oil 16 oz
2 1/2 c water 20 oz
1 T salt
8 c flour

1 egg beaten

Bake 425 degrees 20 minutes makes 70

Sesame seeds to sprinkle
Mix oil, and water together. Bring to boil.
Add salt & flour with a large wooden spoon because dough will be too hot to handle. let cool– knead to a smooth dough. make 3/4 of dough into balls about the size of large walnut. take the remaining dough and make small balls to use as tops for pasteles.
Form the large balls into hollow cups, by using your thumb and fore-finger.
Make sure that dough is evenly distributed.
Fill the cup with filling.
Flatten out the small ball and dip into sesame seeds.
Take the flattened top and put it on top of the filled cup.
Press the two pieces of dough upwards together.

With a small sharp knife in short up and down stroke make the fringe.
You can also make the fringe by rolling the dough over
Another way to do this is to make fularicas.

Now make sure that the cup is rounded properly.
Flat on bottom and rounded on sides.
Bake until tops are light brown.

8 cup recipe
cktl med lge
dough 1/2 oz 1 oz 1 1/2 oz
64 32 21
cost of dough .01 .02 .03

meat 1/2 oz 1 oz 1 1/4 oz
potato 1/2 oz 1 oz 1 1/2 oz

2 lbs=80 2 lbs=40