Museum Archives

Since 1997, the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation has accumulated an extraordinary amount of original artifacts from Rhodes from various sources from around the world.  The Jewish Museum of Rhodes is displaying these unique items now at the museum.  Here is a sample of the many artifacts on display.



This “Kucharera” is made of silver and was used for holding the spoons and forks that served sweets (“dulses”). This was used for all special gatherings including holidays, birth celebrations and engagement parties. This was given to Victoria Hasson as part of her trousseau by her mother, Rahel Tarica.

“Talit” Bag:


This embroidered bag holds the “talit” (prayer shawl). It is made of a purple material decorated with metallic thread with a leaf and floral design. Attached to the opening of the case are two multi-colored ornamental tassels. It belonged to Sam Eliakim Piha and is from the family of Janine Eskenazi Hasson.

1925 Medal of Honor:


Given to Bension Menasche bestowing him with the title of “Cavaliere della Corona d’Italia” for his commercial achievements at the Alhadeff Bank.

“Tsit-Tsit” (Tallit Katan):


This religious garment was worn underneath the clothes. This was brought from Rhodes to the United States by Robert Benveniste in 1915. From Eleanor Benveniste Moscatel.

Stamp of “di razza ebraica” & 1943 ID Card:


This is the actual stamp used by the Italians to recognize, and to discriminate against, a person’s Jewish heritage. It was used on legal documents as well as Identification Cards, like this one belonging to Lucia Turiel Capelluto.

Rabbinical College Booklet:


This 61 page booklet describes how the Rabbinical College was founded in Rhodes in 1928. It contains biographies of the Professors as well as detailing the curriculum for graduation. From Liba Breger Feuerstein, the daughter of Rabbi Breger of the Rabbinical College.

Jewish Costumes From Rhodes on Display

These original costumes are from the family of Bellina Hasson Gold and donated to the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation. Bellina was born in Rhodes in 1916 and immigrated to the United States in 1930. She was the daughter of Haim Hasson and Mazaltov Levi.

Man’s Garment:


This garment, known as an “antari”, had an open front which was tied closed around the waist. It is made of a two colored striped silk fabric.

Woman’s Garment:


This garment was made from a mauve colored taffeta fabric with thin vertical turquoise pin-stripes. A scalloped trim has been top-stitched on the side slits, front and bottom hems.

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6 Responses to “Museum Archives”

  1. August 31st, 2015

    Zmira Cohen to Eliakim Cohen whose parents were Rhodeslis:

    These artifacts are so beautiful! Eliakim & I were on Rhodos in 2014 for the 70th Memorial of the Deportation. His paternal grandparents, Yeshua Eliakim and Rachel nee Hasson, were amongst the victims. It was an unforgetable experience to be at this Memorial, not least because right at the moment this was being remembered, another attempt to destroy the Jewish People was being directed at the State of Israel. Of course the difference was, that this time our fellow Jews were not going to be passive victims …We had just come from Israel and were returning there, before going back to C.T. and directly experienced the fear of what the incoming, unrelenting rockets aimed throughout the Land, could have caused, were the State not able to defend itself.
    The blowing of the Shofar, the comments of some survivors, the speeches of the community members who had organized the events of the Memorial Week, the saying of the Hashkava and then the singing of Hatikva at the cemetery memorial service are unforgettable imprints in my mind. At the ceremony held at the cemetery, I had a few minutes to view the items on display in the room just near the entrance to the Bet Chayyim, but there was not nearly enough time to take everything in properly. This was in addition to the outstanding displays in the Kehila in Simiou Street. If anyone who might see this and be in Cape Town, please contact U.S. via the Sephardic synagogue. We would love to meet up with descendants of the Juderia.
    The effort taken to create the museum, together with all the other wonderful improvements to the Kahal Shalom as well as the interest in preserving whatever can be preserved and the practical financial support of the benefactors, (who I will not identify by name) who have made it possible, plus the people like Aron Hasson, Carmen Cohen, Isaac Habib and others are very special. Perhaps the souls of the ones so cruelly lost can feel that their presence is yet being honoured, remembered, cherished. Zmira Cohen, Cape Town.

  2. August 21st, 2014

    Rebecca (becky) Cohen Beke:

    I just came back from Rhodes where I attended the Commemoration of the 70 years of the Deportation of the Jewish community from Rhodes. I am the niece of Sara (Menasce)and Violette Maio (Fintz)who were Auschwitz survivors. It was an unbelievable experience. I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all those who have recovered the Judería and the synagogue, and especially the beautiful Museum.

  3. January 4th, 2013


    Fascinating website and a glimpse into a vanishing culture. Valuable resource. Thank you!

  4. April 26th, 2011

    Susan Amira-Weiss:

    just returned from rhodes and was thrilled to see the wonderful work done on the museum and office. keep up the wonderful project.

  5. August 15th, 2010

    Sylvia Hanan Silverstein:

    You’ve done a great job. Your website evokes many long lost feelings of things past. I love historical things, especially clothing (my mother was a very well known seamstress (shastra) Regina Notrica Hanan from Rhodes), but it would be nice to see a year attached to these wonderful costumes. What can you tell me about the age of the clothing. Thank you, Sylvia

  6. August 14th, 2010

    Jack Hasson:

    I plan a trip to Rhodes in November and would like some information about any connection my immediate family might have to the Hassons on Rhodes. I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, USA and my grandfather came to Alabama in the early 1900’s I believe from Jerusalem. His name was Jacob Hasson. I don’t know details beyond that. I look forward to my visit.