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As a result of peoples interest in the Jewish history of Rhodes, we are pleased to offer the following items for sale.

  • A Guidebook to the Jewish Quarter of Rhodes

    A Guidebook to the Jewish Quarter of Rhodes

    By Aron Hasson
    This 60 page guidebook of “La Juderia” contains a map with locations and information of Jewish monuments, the Kahal Shalom , the cemetery as well as a summary of the Jewish presence by Stella Levi. You’ll want to take this with you when you visit Rhodes.

    Price: $30 USD
  • A History of Jewish Rhodes

    A History of Jewish Rhodes

    By Esther Fintz Menascé
    This 300 page book provides the most complete and extensive details regarding the extraordinary Jewish community of Rhodes. The book includes 70 images & photos. The author was born in Rhodes, and is a well-known university professor in Milan, Italy.

    Price: $30 USD
  • Ladino Songs by Liliana Benveniste

    Ladino Songs by Liliana Benveniste

    CD called "Ayres Buenos", by the internationally acclaimed Liliana Benveniste. 15 songs including "Skalerika de Oro", "Novia de la Kara Blanka", "Adio Kerida" and many more.

    Price: $20.00 USD
  • Our Sephardic Delicacies from Rhodes

    Our Sephardic Delicacies from Rhodes

    By Solomon Menashe
    This is an informative CD with great tips on how to make the special foods of the Rhodesli heritage. The CD is affectionately known as “Las Comedicas de Rodis”. It includes 145 easy to follow recipes with hundreds of photos to demonstrate the unique cooking methods.

    Price: $15.00 USD
  • Ritual Medical Lore of Sephardic Women

    Ritual Medical Lore of Sephardic Women

    By Isaac Jack Levy and Rosemary Levy Zumwalt
    The author was born in Rhodes and explains with the co-author (and wife) Rosemary Levy Zumwalt, the many facets of folk remedies. It affirms the women’s pivotal role in the health of their communities. This 260 page book is filled with an enormous amount of information and stories relating to healings from religious blessings to beliefs and herbal cures, including: prekante, mal ojo, pidyon, espanto, saradura, ruda and mumia.

    Price: $25.00 USD
  • Sephardic Folk Dictionary

    Sephardic Folk Dictionary

    By Al Passy
    This is the only book of its kind in print. It consists of both English to Ladino and Ladino to English. It contains over 40,000 words: conversational proverbs, slang, familiar terms and phrases, as well as those utilized in daily usage and relating to prayers, blessings and holidays.

    Price: $35.00 USD
  • The Jewish Martyrs of Rhodes and Cos

    The Jewish Martyrs of Rhodes and Cos

    By Hizkia M.Franco
    This book was written by a former President of the Jewish Community of Rhodes. It is an eyewitness account of what happened in Rhodes during the years 1936 to 1944. The book was originally written in French in 1952 in the Congo and was subsequently translated into English by his grandson, Joseph Franco.

    Price: $15.00 USD
  • The Jews of Rhodes

    The Jews of Rhodes

    By Rabbi Marc D. Angel
    This is the most prominent book on the history of this Sephardic community, tracing not only its history but also its economic and cultural life, customs and traditions, its rabbis and scholars, its folklore and literature.

    Price: $25.00 USD
  • Un Dia Mas De Vida

    Un Dia Mas De Vida

    By David Galante. This book was written through the assistance of Martin Hazan. The book is in Spanish and cover’s David’s life in Rhodes, his experience during the Holocaust and his new life in Buenos Aires.

    Price: $15.00 USD

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