Welcome to this unique page that enables you to view hundreds of tombstones located in the Jewish cemetery of Rhodes.  The tombstones are dated from the 1840’s to the present and were digitally photographed by Aron Hasson.  This helps people interested in their family roots and genealogical research.

2010 & 2012 enhancements:  A careful reading of each tombstone has been undertaken in order to disseminate this valuable information to all who are interested.  These corrections and additions have been volunteered by Isaac Menashe, of Ra’anana, Israel (iju de Albert i Vida Menashe).

Cemetery Map


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Last Name First Name Family Row Column Date Image
unclear Mazaltov wife of Jacob Rahamin 10 31 1928 unclear Mazaltov
unclear Sarota 32 28 1907 unclear Sarota
unknown Sarah widow of ... 2 34 0 unknown Sarah
Last Name First Name Family Row Column Date Image