1 batch 29 1 1/2 oz

1/4 t yeast /4 oz
1/2 T sugar oz
1/2 C warm water 4 0z
cover with towel

In large bowl
2 C warm water 16 oz
1/2 T salt oz
2 t oil 1/2 oz
6 1/2 C bread flour 23 oz
44 oz

Bake 450 degrees 20 minutes

Put yeast, sugar and warm water together.
Cover with towel for about 5 minutes to proof.
Add additional ingredients and mix.
Knead until dough is nice and smooth.
Lightly oil another bowl.
Put dough into bowl, turn dough over so that top is also oiled.
Cover dough with saran and then with a towel.
Let rest for about 20 minutes.

In a baking pan put about 1/4″ oil. Make balls of dough(1 1/2 oz).
Place them in the oiled pan. Let them rest for a few minutes and
turn over. These should now rest for about 15 minutes. Take dough
and spread into a thin dough. Sprinkle some flour mixture on the
dough. Place about 2 oz of spinach mixture in center. Bring end to
center, making sure that dough covers spinach.

Place balls of dough(1 1/2 oz each in pan of 1 1/2 cups oil.
You will use 2/3 cup of oil.

Egg wash top of boyo. Sprinkle romano cheese on top of spinach mixture

25 boyos

2 oz – 1 batch 27
40 oz – 1 2.5 lbs spinach
8 oz -2 c romano cheese
4 oz – 1 c feta cheese
2 oz – 1/2 c flour
54 oz

2 oz of mixture

Mix spinach mixture together. Turning mixture over because cheese
goes to bottom.

Flour mixture:
2 parts flour 1 part romano cheese